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Know What’s New

Stay Updated about COVID19

During these unprecedented times, we wanted you to know that JackMonkey Catering has taken serious steps towards our safety and the one we cater to.

We now offer contactless boxed meals catered to your liking, that are dropped off on site along with everything you'll need to be able to enjoy a personal meal without interactions to a buffet line or crowded space. We will maintain social distancing while the food is being dropped off, as well as making sure that we wear masks and gloves.

All our heated food carriers, containers and props  will be thoroughly sanitized before and after use, to help prevent any contamination. 

That is precisely why we want to keep all of our clients "in the know"

on what we’ve been cooking up lately.

We will keep updating our website as the rules and regulations of the great State of New York will be implemented towards COVID19 mandates and developments.

Stay safe friends!

We Clean and Disinfect Our Working Space

September, 2020

We Will Always Wear a Face Mask Around You and Promote Social Distancing

September, 2020

Your Safety and Ours is The
#1 Priority at JackMonkey

September, 2020


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