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Healthy Diet

Tackling Covid

Stay Updated about JackMonkey and COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, we want you to know that JackMonkey Catering has taken serious steps towards your health and safety.

We now offer contactless boxed meals catered to your liking, that are dropped off on site, along with everything you'll need to be able to enjoy a personal meal without interactions to a buffet line or crowded space. We will maintain social distancing protocols while the food is being dropped off, ensuring all our staff is masked and wearing gloves during the entire process.

All our heated food carriers, containers and props  will be thoroughly sanitized before and after use, to help prevent any contamination. 

That is precisely why we want to keep all of our clients "in the know"

on what we’ve been cooking up lately.

We will keep updating our website as the rules and regulations of the great State of New York will be implemented towards COVID19 mandates and developments.

Stay safe friends!

COVID-19 News & Updates: News & Updates
Surface home cleaning spraying antibacte

We Clean and Disinfect Our Working Space

April, 2022

Easter eggs with Corona virus (COVID19)

We Will Always Wear a Face Mask Around You if That Makes you More At Ease

April, 2022

Dark cookie plate with uncooked cookies

Your Safety and Ours is The
#1 Priority at JackMonkey.
Our staff is fully vaccinated and boostered from our kitchen to you...

April, 2022

Top view of coal cooked healthy food in

Our new "Boxed" look

Stay Updated about COVID19

As the world is trying to re-open, JackMonkey Catering has adapted with a new look, without compromising  quality and service. Same amazing food already boxed for you.

COVID-19 News & Updates: News & Updates
Boxed Food

Everything you'll need, in your own labeled heaven.

April, 2022

We promise that we will not compromise the taste or the portion while we look "contained". Come back for more if you didn't get enough. We always make sure no one goes hungry, while on our watch.



April, 2022

Our "all inclusive" to-go boxes will have your food beautifully arranged, plus a variety of sides that will compliment
the choice.
Rice, pasta, grilled name it.


Vegan Salad Anyone?

April, 2022

Have dietary needs?
We understand that while you can't "fix" your plate, you'd want to make sure that you'll be able to eat, even with some dietary restrictions. That  is why, you can now place your lunch/dinner order ahead of time with us.


Saving the Earth, one box at the time.......

Improving the way we look

COVID-19 News & Updates: News & Updates
JMC_Website (6).png

Check Us Out . Touchless

April, 2022

We still hand out business cards, but just in case you want to look us up in a jiffy...


Who says we can't social distance ?

Stay Updated about COVID19

We are here to help keeping
everyone safe.
We are together, while being apart and we promise to attend to your needs from 6 feet apart.
Yes we can!

COVID-19 News & Updates: News & Updates

Drinks anyone?

April, 2022

We will get you ice and straws to make your work day as smooth as can be from our end.
No stress....
No need to


We have reinvented

April, 2022



It's easier than you think....

April, 2022

Our coffee and hot water percolators come with a "push-in" spout so that you don't have to touch anything while getting your caffeine (or not) fix.
We got you B!

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