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Preparing Food

About Us


Our philosophy of work life is to enjoy the way we get to spend our days. 

Many of us have changed professions because we love cooking, baking, and have made our passion our career. We also value a respectful work environment.  It is important to us that we treat our customers, our business associates, and our employees in a professional manner,

with kindness and caring. 

At JackMonkey Catering, we are committed to cooking wholesome, hand-crafted delicacies from all over the world based on old recipes that were handed over, not only by my grandparents, but also by being committed to hours of trial and error into finding the perfect combination of taste and presentation.


At JackMonkey, we focus on being a good neighbor.  

As good citizens of our community, we feel a responsibility to

contribute to its health! 

When possible,  we donate our extra baked goods to organizations such as

God’s Love We Deliver and City Harvest.

We’ve participated over the years in countless local school fund-raisers and community events.


We do our best to stay local.  

Supporting local farms has recently become a popular topic.  We have always been local and remain that way.  We serve the New York City and New Jersey area, and make all of our freshly baked products and culinary meals every day.  We don’t par-bake or freeze, and we don’t pre-package our items.  We believe that the best food is made in the Old World way - by hand

and enjoyed within hours of being freshly cooked.


We take pride in providing service that makes you smile. 

We want our clients to have a great experience when calling or using the services of JackMonkey Catering--an experience that is pleasurable, and leaves them looking forward to have our great meals again and again.


Here at JackMonkey Catering, we have always strived to build work relationships that are based on trust and respect.  We have watched many of our employees develop personally and professionally over the last 14 years, becoming skilled members of our “kitchen family”. 

Our loyal employees have made our success possible and continue to do so.

Only "together" we can make our business thrive.


At JackMonkey we are using ingredients and procedures that sustain the health of the planet. We use only “green” cleaning products, and we buy local and organic ingredients, when possible.  We always use local dairy products and eggs, and local seasonal fruit.  Natural kraft paper is used for our packaging, and our to-go containers, plates, utensils are compost-able.

When possible, we work with our clients to limit the use of bottled water and plastic and provide our catering space and surrounding working space with water dispensers and recycling cups and bins. No plastic straws are ever used in our workplace and, when in need, paper option is always offered instead.

The kitchen and bakery recycles all paper, metal and plastic.


We hope this gives you a sense of JackMonkey Catering- what we value and what we strive for. 


During these unprecedented times, JackMonkey is COVID19 compliant and prepared. We make sure that our workplace, employees and outside staff is always feeling healthy, wearing masks, gloves

and has sanitizing equipment on hand at any given time.

We not only want to stay healthy and safe but we want you to be confident

that we care about your safety and well-being as well.

Because of this, we have  CO19CO (COVID19 Compliant Officers)

in our team if needed.

Safety is first and always!

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