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These are some of our choices to create a perfect start of the morning, no matter what your dietary restrictions are, we have something delicious for you.

English breakfast in pan with fried eggs
sandwich from a cereal baguette with avo


Our sandwiches are made fresh daily and are complimented by a variety of breads, condiments and ingredients to satisfy anyone's hunger.


Our hearty and fresh soups are always made fresh and seasonal. We use the freshest vegetables and spices.  
From vegan, to vegetarian to
Just what your heart desires...

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish


We hand-pick the best organic and local produce we can find so that you can enjoy and stay healthy.


With our extensive Italian background , it's easy to let you indulge in our unbelievable and most popular selections.
Vegan? Our pleasure.
Gluten-Free? But of course!

Gourmet Pasta Dish

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Basmati, Forbidden, Arborio Nano, Wild, Jazmine.....we have them all.

Rice Balls
Grilled chicken breast in different vari

Free-Range Chicken

Grilled, Baked, Sauteed.....our delicious chicken recipes have been through our toughest critics and are ready to meet the most indulgent palate.

Grass-Fed Beef and Pork

Our signature braised-beef is what people remember when they think of JackMonkey. 
Judge for yourself and try our creations.
We proudly stand behind every recipe.

Grilled Beef
Salmon Fillet


What can be better than some healthy  and delicious fish choices after a hard day's work?
We got you covered..


Even though desserts are always at the very very bottom of each menu page, they are, by far,

first on everyone's list.

We bake them with love in our premises.

Fresh, decadent, delicious and flat out, amazing.

Find out for yourself.

Milk Bar Crack Pie.jpg

Contact Us

114 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10005

(212) 255-6650

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